I can draw, animate, voice act a bit, and collaborate with anyone i might be interested to work with. i do both Anime and Cartoon style of artworks and animation. I speak spanish, german, french, luxemburgish and english.

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Posted by SPANGLESNG - January 14th, 2021

Eh, as usual.

Nothing much changed, just staying at home be safe until the pandemic is over.

been playing a lot of CyberPunk 2077 on PC despite the bugs and glitches, it is still a good game in terms of story , world exploration and all, it's an okay game but the could have been better if i could keep having Jackie alive throughout the game and not inserting the biochip into my neck ingame.

oh well, i digress.

anyway, i'm still drawing and animating some more stuff, projects that i haven't finished.

Animation Project :



Comic projects





Some More Arts coming soon :


That's all.

more update soon.

Thanks for reading.



Posted by SPANGLESNG - October 10th, 2020

Hello, Just posted a little update for my followers.

I didn't post much for some reason, cause i've been busy, a lot, working on some unpublished projects i don't wanna tell but at least some things i can tell.

I am still working on BTPR episode 2 webcomic, writing on further more episode and other titles i'm excited to work on.

I put animation projects on hold unless if i ever feel like completing.

Some of you liked my Ren and Stimpy/Jojo parody cartoon so i will make another one, one short and one long.

Some of you didn't like the ending of BTPR ep.1 and i wanna know why.

I took the ratings as wordless constructive criticism, i took it that i should do it better and I will make it better than the first one.

I explain the ending of Episode 1 to someone who didn't like it:

When Bob woke up sleeping at his apartment he did believe that it was just a dream the whole time and didn't happened, but did it happen' though ? that why episode 2 comes in, in 45 pages 3 covers art and optionally some bonus pages to expand the story plot, fill up the plot hole and some extra action scenes.

That's the formula of making comics i'm going for, like a TV show and all.

I improved my techniques on how to do it, how to make it all quick simple and no secret.

Just grab a comic thumbnail template, modify, sketch all and then you redraw it all nice and clean.

If you google search "Comic Thumbnail Template" , there is one template that have 16 pages in one canvas, sketch 15 pages and 1 for cover art, you can do the cover sketch at the beginning but i personally do it at last, so i can draw a it that represents the whole comic chapter event, like, foreshadowing for example.

So anyways, the next Ren and Stimpy JoJo cartoon i will make, it's gonna be colored animatic just for an obvious reason, and maybe another Oneyplays cartoon i've already planned for years, i couldn't finish it yet because i have a life, and i have to work.

so yeah, i 'll keep on posting some more random drawings to keep it active whenever i feel it to get some views and more followers.

so yeah, at this time of post , i'm alive and well and i hope you're alright.

Thanks for reading.

more update soon...



Posted by SPANGLESNG - December 18th, 2019

Et Voila!

It's published.

Hope you like it.

>>>> Here is the full comic issue <<<<<




I worked a lot both Jobs and drawing comic, and i proudly wanna present this comic i've finally created.

It's a Dumb Fun Action Comic about a cartoon rabbit guy named Bob who wanted to live a normal life, but things gets in his way, he get attacked, mugged, bullied ect... but suddenly, another persona possessing Bob and he'll change his life into something Bob just wished and wondered he could but he couldn't bc it's against the law and all.

in this episode, he goes to the gas station and he get mugged by the three robbers and you'l what happened.

Just read it.

hope you like it.

Next Episode, or Issue, will be longer, and more violent than this one and with a bit of nostalgia stuff from early 2000's.

and yeah, the story of this comic series takes place in July 2001, where there are CDs, DVDs, Dial-up 56k/s Internet, FUBU, BAD+MAD, Cellphones with LCD screens and many more ...

anyways : who the fuck is this delusional kid ? lol


i was just having a good time , then this showed up and i don't remember anything at all about this kid.

It must be some insane child who mistook his dream for reality. heh.

This guy Junkyardanimations sent me deaththreats, just bc i said "don't do follow for follow method, beacause that's pathetic and that's not how you really earn followers."


update : i posted a mash-up parody on Youtube that got blocked and on newgrounds that got unpublished, it was just a ren and stimpy episode "to salve and salve not" but it's ren doing the 7 page muda scene animated by myself and the rest are clips and audios from the original two different series, as a fair use joke, no monetization blablabla, fuck copyright laws, i understand that i shouldn't as they do not want it on their platform but that was unfair of them to unpublish it, so i'd want to say shame and disgrace on them and their "cOpYRiGhT lAwS".

so if newgrounds is unsafe by copyright laws, then i'll post it somewhere else where no one can take it away from me.

if this was like IRL, i would cause bloodbath against the copyright law agents or whatever they come at me and take something away from me.

fuck these corporates who are fucking with us.

So yeah, more update soon.



Posted by SPANGLESNG - March 31st, 2019

Hey yo, so i have nothing much to say so if you feel like and you like my stuff and wanna chat with me, you can come to my twitch channel :




Posted by SPANGLESNG - March 3rd, 2018

i will take some drawing commission requests.

a Sketch wil be 15$ (Head 5$, Bust 10$, Full Body 15$)

With clean one with flat colors will be 25$ (Head 10$, Bust 15$, Full Body 25$)

with flat Shading and lighting each rates 5$ more.

background color is free

but a background art is 25$ more. (Low detailed and flat 5$ and full details 25$)

A fully detailed art, 50$ (-5$ discount)

so yeah, if you like and support me and request or donate me.

you send me paypal money here : paypal.me/spanglishorse

or Bitcoin : 1BYtxZhdn6N9cTYze9Ex1T8A196cNaq5bj

So yeah, Good and bad news whatsoever :

I bought the Cintiq 13HD, finally!

i bought it through Facebook marketplace, it is almost like craiglist but less creepier but my take wasn't it was delightful.

i contacted the guy who owns the cintiq, living close to my place and i sent him my video message in order to gain trust and confort, and so he did send a reply video message that "just to make sure we're not serial killers"

so yeah, i said i should come over to his place but alternatively he decided to come over my place, and so we agreed, he came with his bro-in-law and we made business, he let me install and test the cintiq, i am satisfied, and bought it for 600€ just as he asked. he talked and laughed, it was delightful.

It went super well, the cintiq works super fine and could finish the Oneyplays fan animation with flash8 :

>>> Click here to see this result .<<<

or here

or here :

so yeah, and then i have a job, and that means i have as usual, less time to work on my animations and drawings, but i still manage to regulate.

now something long and personal :

Some people at work when they noticed my sketches and thinking i'm an artist while i work in a Social Aid company,doing chores, taking out trash, towing, transporting stuff or washing dishes everyday, asked me why i don't wanna try turning my hobby into profession, like, go to artschool, get a art degree to work in an animation company.

so answered this : look, My art skill and becoming the fulltime pro artist is a damn long and tedious way to achieve and it doesn't bring enough food and money on the table.

It just doesn't work for me ... yet.

Unless if some big named media company notice and offer me a job to work for them, i'd be very glad.

So i managed to get this job and doing my best i can, keep working get a contract time extension or better a permanent contract if i work harder and better and get paid, pay the bills, buy food and achieve my lifegoals.

So yeah, "it's what i do".

Sure, i wanna be E-famous, i tried for a long time and never got a big impact such as over 5 digits of views, followers, reputation except i got featured once on Newgrounds and small tiers of Youtubers.

I keep gaining and losing followers, and kinda makes me feel a bit happy then depressed and so on and i keep avoiding feeling bad about it and just keep posting stuff i create.

I do have a thought of leaving the internet at the age of 30. because why not ?

I tried, i did my efforts, then it never worked, i'm ignored, and made me feel sad and about to give up and move on.

I once helped some person on the internet and in return they started talking shit behind my back being ungrateful towards me for being nice, respectful and helpful.

And i still asked myself what was wrong after all this commitment ? what is wrong with them ? my only answer : they're just FUCKED IN THE HEAD. that's it.

Some people i met on the internet just lack the sense of common dencency and they just being dumb and ruining

people's life.

Like some creeps like Hellbent, MetalNeck,Ladybot and SharpieSnitch i used to hang out on a discord server, theystarted talking lies about me that i'm a hoarder, a pedophile, and a fucked up human trash or something, and there is no visual proof about me.

The only crime i did was when i was 19, i did vandalism with my former buddies, breaking retrovisores from motocycle and flipping school lunch tables and playing around in an abandoned house.

Heck, I was young and full of fantasy back then until i started to grow up and do something important and fix myself without the need of therapy.

The bullshit advice that one slanderer gave me to feel better and less depressed and shit was drinking alcohol, and i told him that i quit drinking for several months and he demodded from youtube livestream chat and discord after this conversation.

Dude, my head inside, the desire of drinking alcohol is just poofed gone, i'm sober for months, i quit drinking coffee and regular coca-cola to sleep better for work, but i still can enjoy drinking a can of coke without sugar and caffeine inside during freetime, and i feel good at the time.


So yeah, i keep "backlogging" random videos on youtube as if you following me and catching up my channel. i'm just posting and publish on schedule once a weekend more videos of whatever kind i've made, such as random stupid effortless memes, animation, gameplay footage, commentary, edited letsplays with friends, ect ... all just for fun, goofs and gaffs.

so yeah, now that i have a cintiq, i can work on my unfinished animations, producing more new animations, in a style of trashtoons or khonjin, whatever, and more Comics coming up, Bob versus Alfred Issue #3 and so on, art trades, ect.

more update soon and thanks for reading.


here a little inspiration fuel song :




Posted by SPANGLESNG - August 21st, 2017

TL;DR: Good and Bad news and update blog.

i will take some drawing commission requests.
a SKetch wil be 15$
With clean one with flat colors will be 25$
with flat Shading and lighting 30$
background color is free
but a background art is 25$ more.
so a full art, 50$ (-5$ discount)
so yeah, if you like and support me and request or donate me.
you send me paypal money here :  paypal.me/spanglishorse


so news is, not much.

i cleaned up some mess in the past, moved on and making some artworks.

so i commissioned a few people i adore their art and received it pretty well you should go check out my devianart profile.

and i created also my Tapas.io account for posting my completely finished comics, so please check it out , click HERE.

been also pretty due to personal business and whenever i have time for producing some more random stuff like Dubbing Memes on youtube as my voice acting performance and other random bullshit i do.

i'm working and expanding of the next Issue of Bob VS Alfred comic (See Issue by clicking here: >>> 1 <<< and >>>2<<<, 3 and more comming up soon) and scripted the fifth issue part for more actions of DEVIL ALFRED and Bob The Psycho Rabbit. about Bob the psycho rabbit i scripted 8 issues and needs some corrections and improvement figuring out how do i make this story the right, good, and insane way, like, ,no fucks given/fuck the logic way. i may confuse you but you'll see when it's done.

so yeah and while that i'm posting some Meme dub video once or twice a week until i'm done. i made like over 30 video and putted all in schedules.

so yeah also shout out to CURT SIBLING. cause i commissioned him to draw this one for me and having a pleasant chat. https://curtsibling.deviantart.com/art/Bob-The-Possessed-Rabbit-700098120


and yeah i'll keep on working on things i like to make it done, no matter what.

and here's Snoic EPisode 8 : http://fav.me/dbl286l


Have fun reading:

more update soon.

take care, guys.


PS: join my Discord : https://discord.gg/SKKXEcM

Posted by SPANGLESNG - February 2nd, 2017

hello. so what's new ?

TL;DR: Good and Bad news and update blog.

not much, i just finished a new comic and working on some some more

i will take some drawing commission requests.
a SKetch wil be 15$
With clean one with flat colors will be 25$
with flat Shading and lighting 30$
background color is free
but a background art is 25$ more.
so a full art, 50$ (-5$ discount)
so yeah, if you like and support me and request or donate me.
you send me paypal money here :  paypal.me/spanglishorse

i'm no longer moderate some of hellbent discord and stream due to some discussion and i get tired and i felt like i need to quit spending time on this and focus more working on my personal things and make more content and stuff.
it was a bummer but life goes on, move on to some new chapter.

plus i've finished my new comic featuring my buddy mouthlessrobot
and his fictional characters. when he made a fanart of me, i felt like i owe him something, so i made a comic for him with Bob getting captured by two babes.
check it out. < Click here, don't be shy.


and i'm working on the second issue comic, it's gonna be shorter than


that adds up the details of the trip.
and the third will be like the rise of the demonicaly augmented dog you know who i mention.

and what's more, i'll keep shitposting stuff on youtube with things i got bored and made this like fanfic reading , comic dubs, in my playlist called Random Bullshit.

still developing some more and faster techniques to draw comic faster and better and i will soon animate something random and some i've never finished.

if i get a cintiq, i will animate a lot with flash, and i don't give a FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK if it's outdated, just watch and enjoy.

i think that's all, thanks for reading.

more update soon.

Posted by SPANGLESNG - January 1st, 2017

Posted by SPANGLESNG - December 20th, 2016

Posted by SPANGLESNG - November 26th, 2016

VOila! First Issue of BvA is done.

if you're new here lemme tell ya.

i made a comic for @emily-youcis.

the reason why is that i love her works and wondered if i crossover my character Bob The psycho Rabbit with Alfred Alfer, thanks to my ability and skills, i thought i'd give it a try. and it went well, she let me draw the whole comic and continue on some more and so i DID.

take it as my wish has been granted and there i made it.

i did my effort to make it, took me a year while spending time dealing my personal problems and jobs and more.

and now i'm happy that i finished and moving on to another project.

i thank you all for reading and support and whatnot, retweeting my comics and sharing and giving me ratings ad reviews and all.yeah i'm proud that i finished and moving on.

so yeah check it out : Bob The Psycho Rabbit mini serie : Bob Versus Alfred Issue # 1



i wanna thank Emily (again), @Hellwink for this nice Fanart he made , @Glenorsven for being supportive, myuuthemew for including BOB in this content and Hellbent for spreading the word and retweeting it anyboody else, thank you.

more update soon.